Cihat Dağlı

Graphic Designer / Web Developer

Hello there! I’m Cihat Dağlı, a passionate graphic designer aiming to make my mark in the creative world. Art and design have always been at the center of my life and I am proud to turn this passion into a professional career.

Since 2006, I am an expert with extensive experience in graphic design and developing custom projects on WordPress. I started my professional career as a passionate web developer and since then I have been continuously improving myself in this field.

I have produced projects of various scales and complexity, using the flexibility and customization possibilities offered by WordPress very effectively. My ability to create solutions unique to each project, with my creative mind and technical skills, has enabled me to exceed my clients’ expectations.

How can I help you?

Apart from WordPress project design software services, you can see some of the service branches that I provide specially below.

Graphic Design

I can prepare your design works by determining your printed or digital design needs together.

Social Media Design

I can do concept design work or monthly content design development for your social media accounts.

Custom Project Development

I can prepare the software you need with an expert team for your special software needs other than WordPress.

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