Underscores.me: A Starter Theme for WordPress Theme Developers

Underscores.me is a starter theme created for WordPress theme developers. Developed by Automattic, this tool allows for a quick and efficient start to theme development. In this article, detailed information will be provided about what Underscores.me is, how to use it, and the advantages it offers.

What is Underscores.me?

Underscores.me is a starter theme that simplifies the creation of WordPress themes from scratch. This tool provides developers with a basic skeleton, allowing them to focus on their projects without wasting time. This starter theme features a clean and optimized code structure, alleviating common challenges encountered when creating WordPress themes.


Clean Coding: Underscores has a clean and comprehensible code structure, making theme maintenance and development easier.

HTML5 Templates: It includes HTML5 templates designed according to modern web standards.

Responsive Design: It provides the necessary CSS and structural components for creating mobile-friendly designs.

Accessible: Developed according to accessibility standards, it appeals to a wider user base.

Gutenberg Compatible: Compatible with WordPress’s new block-based editor, Gutenberg.

How to Use?

Using Underscores.me is quite simple. Here are the steps:

1. Visit the Website: Go to the Underscores.me website.

2. Enter Theme Name: Enter a name for your theme. This name will be automatically applied to the generated theme files.

3. Advanced Options: Customize your theme’s header, author information, and license details using the advanced options.

4. Generate Theme: Click the “Generate” button to create your theme files.

5. Download and Install: Download the generated theme files and upload them to your WordPress site.


Time-Saving: Underscores allows developers to quickly focus on their projects without starting from scratch.

Flexibility: Its clean and organized code structure provides developers with the ability to easily customize their projects according to their needs.

Community Support: Developed by Automattic, it has extensive community support and is regularly updated.

Educational Resources: Underscores offers comprehensive documentation and resources that speed up the learning process for beginners.

Underscores.me is a powerful starter theme that simplifies and accelerates the WordPress theme development process. Providing great convenience for both beginners and experienced developers, this tool makes it possible to create themes that are compliant with modern web standards, accessible, and mobile-friendly. If you want to create WordPress themes or enhance your existing ones, Underscores.me is an excellent starting point.

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